The GLASS DRESS is a series of photographs of the figure in landscape, but with a twist. It is a joyful celebration of the understated beauty of nature in North Jutland lit up by the spectacular light that is unique to the region, the same light that inspired the influx of artists to Skagen in the late 19th century.

It is also a celebration of diversity, of the unexpected delight of difference and the compellingly odd coupling of the urban soul and nature.

Inge Tranter moved to Tversted, Denmark from London two years ago to find a space to work undistracted and unencumbered by the hustle and bustle and expense of city life. The adjustment to the quieter lifestyle was initially very tough, but she found that the beauty of the landscape on her daily runs sustained her. This fed into an interest in depicting the landscape.

She has worked extensively photographing the unique light of the region, especially at dusk, where movement can be recorded as light traces by the longer shutter opening time. This has culminated in a series of pictures which record Michael Richardt’s movement through the landscape with his at times elegant, at times gruff and earthy dances.

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